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Adults with Disabilities
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About Adults with Disabilities
Community Services is proud to offer a variety of activities such as dances for our community members with disabilities over 16 years old. Look here for upcoming activities like dances, day trips, cooking or a fun game day with friends!

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  • Adults with Exceptional Abilities

    Join Missy Kahl for fun activity with friends! Missy will host a variety of activities from day trips to the zoo, a morning of board games, cooking delicious food and so many more. You can even suggest a new activity they haven't tried yet! Class is held on the first Saturday of each month, and details for the specific activity will be shown in the 'section' information below. Please note: Attendees of many ability levels can participate, but if you require assistance to participate independently, please provide your own personal assistant and equipment as required for your participation. Fees are intended to benefit the participant of the class. All projects, activities and materials used for the class will only be provided for the participant. If you have any questions about what this can look like for you, please call Community Services and we can make a plan to fit your needs.