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Weight Training
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About Weight Training
Join some of our seasoned staff to work on your fitness and health goals. In the Summer months there are classes to extend the training for our school year sports programs. We also support our local Olympic Weightlifting program.

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  • Summer Olympic Weightlifting

    Weightlifting is a tremendous sport and is extremely beneficial to athletic performance and the health of the body. Some of the physical benefits are improved confidence, changes in body composition, the importance of taking care of the body, setting and challenging personal records, and managing stress and pressure. The Summer weightlifting program will focus on additional training for athletes participating in Olympic Weightlifting during the school year, as well as serious lifters who are interested in direct instruction of safe and proper techniques of the associated movements. expectations are that this will not be a 'free lifting' time, but a directed program. All instruction is coached by a certified USA Weightlifting Advanced Weightlifting and Sports Performance Coach, so your athlete will get the highest level of training available! Watch the video linked below to learn more about why your athlete should learn the olympic lifts!